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Technical building consultation

Lamy SA Expertise has been providing expert reports for over 25 years in response to questions relating to technical, economic and legal matters to help people make informed decisions, identify problems and their causes, estimate what repairs will cost and, where necessary, identify where liability lies.

We handle many different types of real estate properties (houses, apartments, villas, chalets, castles...). We can provide you with an opinion when you wish to evaluate, understand and interpret anomalies, defects or damage in order to make the right decisions.


  • I notice signs of mildew and infiltrations when it rains, in the basement / ground floor of my house
  • Our apartment is badly ventilated. The walls are getting blacker every year and the air is very stuffy.
  • After a fire, the insurance adjuster underestimated the amount of my loss.
  • Vertical cracks have appeared at the corner of my house, and I’m concerned about my family’s safety.
  • I’m having an extension built on my villa by a contractor; the workmanship is poor and the job not moving forward. I’m afraid I paid too much for the job.


Technical building consultation


Finding the origin of the problem

Signs of fungi growth, mildew. Infiltrations and excessive humidity can be serious enemies in your house (in particular for beams and wood structures) and especially for your lungs. Find out why there are cracks that extend along your floors, façades and ceilings!

By identifying the causes of your problem you can predict how it will evolve. Our technical consultation examines the integrity of the building and/or the safety the building for its occupants, can put a halt to evolving anomalies, prevent damage and substantial and costly losses.


Planning and budgeting for corrective solutions

The tiles in your kitchen were laid on an inadequate floor support system, or one that was not moisture resistant and now there are cracks, openings and loose tiles, making the room impossible to use. As your water circuit was not properly insulated, the pipes burst in the low winter temperatures. The damage is done and you want to get things back to normal. This can be done with a specific technical opinion that will allow you to identify the causes and responsibilities, find the right solutions to your problems and estimate repair costs.

Your project is replete with defective or non-conforming work. But according to the tradesman who sub-contracted out the work, everything is perfect! Establishing a mistake made by a professional so that he will repair it can require a specific technical opinion. An expert report will also enable you to obtain an effective remedy before the courts for any losses incurred if an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached.


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Cracks in walls, subsidence of building foundations, clogged sewerage systems, roof infiltrations, mold due to humidity...
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