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Expert technical and/or economic opinion before purchase

Lamy SA Expertise can help you make an informed decision for purchasing property by providing a technical and/or economic opinion before purchasing.

A technical opinion validates whether or not the property you are considering for purchase (apartment ou house) is free of anomalies, defects or damage.

The economic opinion notably insures that the purchase price corresponds to the true value of the property and provides calculations for any renovation work required (electrical/heating work needed to bring the lodging up to required standards, renovations, fixtures and fittings, extensions, elevation).

These opinions can be requested for all types of real estate: houses, villas, apartments, chalets, castles, lofts, main or secondary residences, rental investments...


  • Is the house we want to purchase a good deal?
  • Is the heating, electricity up to standard? Is the roof in good shape? How much renovation is needed?
  • We noticed some cracks on the façade. Is there a risk the building will collapse? Do we need to budget for extensive works?
  • The real estate agency is pressuring me to sign a pre-sale agreement. However, I have some doubts as to the true value of the apartment.
  • We want to take down or open up a load-bearing wall, move a staircase. Is it possible? How much will it cost?
  • What will it cost for fixtures and fittings we want and for bringing the home up to standard? What is a fair price to offer?


Technical and/or economic opinion before purchase


Establishing the technical qualites of the property

Evaluating the technical qualities of a house or apartment is essential if you want to know whether the purchase you are considering is a good deal. A technical opinion before purchase can help you identify, understand and prevent any building pathologies that might affect the structural integrity of the building. This might involve, for example, analyzing the causes and probable evolution of cracks in walls.


A trustworthy and independent economic opinion

A technical opinion will assure you that there are no premonitory signs of substantial future deterioration of the property. And now that you understand the technical aspects of your future acquisition, you might want to know if the sale price corresponds to the market reality. After all, just because the property is free of problems does not mean its price should be excessive!

The economic opinion determines the market value of the real estate property, meaning the fair price at which it would be bought or sold, under normal conditions of a free market, factoring in any renovation work required (electrical/heating work needed to bring the lodging up to required standards, renovations, fixtures and fittings, extensions, elevation).


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