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Home Consultations and servicesLong-term assistanceAssistance for a single house construction (CCMI), purchase off-plan (VEFA), renovation works

Assistance for a single house construction (CCMI), purchase off-plan (VEFA), renovation works

Assistance for a single house construction (CCMI), purchase off-plan (VEFA), renovation works

Lamy SA Expertise offers individuals (meaning non-professional owners), CATEC assistance (French Technical Assistance and Advisory Services contracts), in order to secure the different phases up to the end of a real estate project.

The French CATECs take the form of technical, economic and legal assistance during the construction or renovation phases and in the year following the final acceptance. They can be used in the framework of a Single house construction contract (CCMI), an off-plan purchase (VEFA)


Assistance for a single house construction (CCMI), off-plan purchase (VEFA)


A consultation for each phase of your real estate project

You have the impression that the quotes are excessive, that certain costs are not justified, even more so as the quality seems poor to you. You suspect there is nonconforming work, anomalies and are afraid the consequences will be costly. The builder is threatening to withhold the keys if you note reservations on the final inspection report. Don’t worry, the CATECs (Technical Assistance and Advisory Services contracts), protect you at every phrase of your project and offer you assistance for securing your investment, up until any reservations are finally lifted.


Secure the completion of the construction

A meeting between the customer and the builder takes place once the construction of the house or apartment has been completed. During this meeting the owner accepts the work with or without conditions or reservations. However final acceptance meetings are often conflictual especially if there are quality problems (nonconforming work, anomalies...) and/or the owner is in a hurry to occupy the premises (tired of delays, notice already given on his or her previous lodging). Frequently the builder of a single house construction (CCMI contract) tries (illegally) to withhold the keys to the lodging until the balance is paid, even though the law has provided for a guarantee deposit of 5% which can remain in escrow until all reservations are lifted. The assistance of LAMY S.A. will help you to remain calm and clear during this critical phase and to reestablish a more even balance of power with the real estate contractor or builder.


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