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Assessment of fair market real estate value

Lamy SA Expertise carries out assessments of the fair market value of real estate. The goal of a real estate appraisal of the fair market value is to determine the value of the property on the market; it corresponds to the fair price at which it could be bought or sold under normal conditions of a free market. In other words, we help you estimate the real value of a house or apartment at a given time.

We are experienced in assessing different types of real estate property whether house, villa, apartment, chalet, castle or loft, whether it is your main or secondary residence, or property you own or rent. We can also assess the fair market value of buildable and non-buildable land.

We can also assess commercial real estate assets.


  • I want to put my home on the market, who should I call on to find out its value?
  • I am in the process of divorcing my husband and I would like to buy out his interest, so I need to assess the value of my apartment.
  • In order to make a donation, I would like to assess the value of some property that includes 30 hectares of land (wood and garden) and 4 houses
  • What goes into calculating the value of my house or apartment?
  • How is a sale price calculated?
  • How can I get an idea of what a « fair price » would be for buying a home?
  • How does an expert go about assessing the value of real estate property?
  • What is real estate fair market value?


Real estate appraisal of fair market value


Real estate value: a calculation based on multiple criteria

Different qualitative and quantitative criteria go into calculating the value of a house or apartment. When we appraise the fair market value of property, we use these criteria not only on the property itself (type, location, square footage) but also according to the surrounding environment (proximity with public transport, shops, schools…).


Assessing real estate property: adapted methodologies

Several methodologies exist to determine the fair market value of property. But in order to be effective, the methodology should be adapted to your need. We are perfectly familiar with the different assessment methodologies and our experts employ the methodology that best fits the need. Depending on the case, one methodology is chosen or used in combination with other(s).


Your objectives are taken into account

A real estate appraisal should fit a need that you have! It may be used to help make an informed decision, secure a choice or certify a value for a third party (for example in the case of a divorce, donation, inheritance, etc.). Our appraisal report is adapted to your objectives. Our experts not only employ their evaluation methodologies, they also use their common sense!


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