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If you wish to have solid arguments or oblige the opposing party in a dispute, influence the decision taken by a third party: a judge (in legal proceedings), a banker (for a loan), a notary (inheritance) or a tax inspector (for a tax adjustment) etc.

Lamy SA Expertise formalizes its conclusions in a report that is delivered to you at the end of the real estate appraisal. The professional responsibility of a recognized, independent expert enables you to corroborate facts with documentary evidence.


Real estate appraisal of fair market value

Appraisal of fair market value of real estate

The goal of a real estate appraisal of the fair market value is to determine the value of property on the market; it corresponds to the fair price at which it could be bought or sold under normal conditions of a free market.

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Certificate of Completion, Compliance and Quality

House : Certificate of Completion, Compliance, Quality

The Certificate of Completion, Compliance and Quality is often the only solution when your property cannot be covered by a standard ten-year warranty or by liability and property damage insurance.

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Cracks in walls, subsidence of building foundations, clogged sewerage systems, roof infiltrations, mold due to humidity...
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