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House, apartment: things are not going well at the work site

Whether you are building a single home construction, buying property off-plan, remodeling, adding extensions etc., obtaining the property of your dreams is often quite a challenge. There are technical, architectural and financial constraints that must be met. In order to take on more and more customers, some contractors involved in construction and remodeling delegate the work to subcontractors or do a sloppy job. Defective work, non-conforming work, anomalies and damage are very prevalent. Fortunately, there are ways of protecting yourself.


My construction project is not going well


Building: incompetent and/or unscrupulous companies

Deliveries are delayed. Misunderstandings have built up. There has been a breakdown in confidence on both ends and communication has become difficult. The work is unfinished or of poor quality . You have the impression that certain things are being kept from you. It is not uncommon that a developer, builder or even a lead contractor fails to carry out work correctly. However, it is difficult for non-professionals to identify, measure, describe or even estimate errors that result in faulty or nonconforming workmanship. Basically it can be difficult to know how to go about defending yourself in such cases. A thorough understanding of opportunities that exist for exercising recourse for faulty workmanship, anomalies or damage is required in order to react at the right time.


Construction: assistance in every step of a construction project

Fining a solution to avoiding problems at a work site can mean getting assistance from an independent expert whose role is to control and certify the different phases of a construction or renovation project. This allows you, for example, to verify before work commences that the contract is not drafted simply to the favor of the builder, that the quotes are not overestimated, that there are no changes after the contracts have been signed. It especially allows you to verify the conformity of the work carried out and to verify the legitimacy of the successive calls for payment.


Assistance for the final acceptance of real estate property or of works

Let’s say the damage has been done and you are now stuck with defective work. Not to worry, there is still time to react. The law protects individuals and allows them to draw up a pre-delivery inspection report prior to the final acceptance of a house, apartment or works. Here again, the expert’s added value is significant: he is competent in a wide spectrum of technical domains that allows him to identify obvious and hidden pathologies. As he does not participate in the actual construction phase of the project he is completely neutral and independent, with no conflicts of interest, a must for assisting and defending your interests. This type of consultation is the appropriate answer to some situations where pressure and coercitation can be employed by certain contractors on individuals.



The real estate appraisal that you need

Assistance when building a single house construction, purchasing property off-plan, doing remodeling work

Assistance in certifying the difference phases of your real estate project through to the end. This assistance can be employed when building a single house construction (French CCMI contract / sometimes referred to as “project management assistance”), or in the case of off-plan sales (French VEFA) or renovation works. Discover this real estate consultation

Discover this real estate appraisal

Assistance for final acceptance

This involves assisting you in the final acceptance of your house, apartment, works or work site. It allows you to foresee, identify and overcome possible problems and enables you to deal with any pressure coming from building professionals, especially the classic and coercitive “handover of keys in exchange for payment of remaining balance”, even when reservations have been noted.

Discover this real estate consultation

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