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How much does a real estate appraisal cost?

Cout d'une expertise immobiliere


A free real estate appraisal. A real estate appraisal at 150 euros. A real estate appraisal at 500 euros. A real estate appraisal at 1500 euros. A real estate appraisal at 3000 euros. You can find all kinds of prices for real estate appraisals! So how do you go about choosing? Is it simply better to choose the cheapest?


Real estate appraisals: competencies, experience, liability

Calling on an expert is generally necessary when decisions have substantial and costly consequences. It fulfils a set objective. Most of the time the goal is to limit the dangers that could negatively impact your estate. An appraisal requires competencies, experience and the authority of a recognized and approved expert as the consultation involves delivering a document that has legal value... So the price of a real estate appraisal especially depends on the economic stakes of the assignment and the degree of liability offered by the expert.


According to Philippe Lamy « The true value of an appraisal is the quality of the expert and the security and peace of mind that it can bring »


Be wary of real estate appraisals « at discount prices »

The appraisal sector is not strictly regulated, to the point where so-called experts, with neither qualifications nor true credibility, propose pseudo-appraisals, at prices that are far below what other competitors can offer (discount prices!). These experts have often expanded their activities from simple obligatory diagnostics (asbestos, lead, square footage...), and very often do not even offer true appraisals. Their intervention is thus often of no value for third parties, tax authorities, notaries or the courts.


What about free real estate appraisals?

"If you were to make a comparison with the medical profession, it would be like a nurse or a nurse’s aid offering to take the place of a surgeon, relatively speaking" ironized Philippe Lamy.


A real estate consultation at several hundred euros

 Some consultations exceed 1000 euros. That seems like a lot of money for a consultation. But it’s definitely worth it when your estate or the safety of your family is being threatened. A real estate consultation, if it is done seriously can allow you to:


  • Prevent a loss in the value of your real estate property
  • Make an informed decision to acquire property
  • Secure a building and protect the health and safety of its occupants
  • Put a halt to a crisis situation or a dispute


More information >>


Real estate appraisal: Request a quote

Lamy SA Expertise offers real estate appraisals to help you make an informed decision and to secure your transaction. Different plans are available according to your needs. You can request a personalized quote for our services or describe your precise needs to us. In case of financial difficulties we can offer an interest-free payment plan spread over six, eight or twelve months, starting from 145 euros per month, excluding VAT.


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<< What is an appraisal used for?

<< A real estate expert deals with what?

<< Appraisal, from what point of view?

<< When do I need a real estate expert?

<< What types of guarantees does a real estate expert provide?

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